Thursday, 24 March 2016

March 2016 // Favourites

Asalaam alaykum (peace be upon you), I hope that you've had a blessed month, in shaa Allah.

1. Lifestyle
2. Article(s)
3. Islaam
4. Things
  • Yankee candle in Berry Trifle (the scent is amazing)
  • MUJI recycling bag (say no to plastic bags)
  • MUJI notebooks (they're recycled, minimal and the quality is really nice)

I haven't been doing much this month #minimalism (just kidding). I've started doing Morning Pages daily now for about 10 days and I've been loving it so far because it helps me wake up and plan my day around things that are important to me, aid me in living an intentional life and gets rid of the emotional baggage. As I mentioned in my previous post, Metaphorical Heart Block, writing is a form of self reflection for me and this was the exact "quiet" I needed to hear the things that actually matter.

I've only watched the first 3 videos of Mufti Menk's prophet series, and I'm planning to watch more soon, in shaa Allah. This month (or the past 2 weeks only) has been gentle and meaningful. I hope your month is going well. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

A metaphorical heart block.

Nayyirah Waheed wrote, "it's not a writer's block, it's a heart block." I spent last week reading through my old blog posts. Asma Nasaruddin's article on self reflect really spoke to me, because writing was a form of self reflect for me, and I say was because I haven't been writing much lately.

When I first came into Islaam (in the sense that I chose Islaam for myself instead of blindly believing what my parents told me to), I was going through a phrase whereby I isolated myself from many things including friends and I deleted my social media accounts. I felt I needed some quiet in my life, to hear the sounds that really matter. Pa had just gotten me a laptop then, and this was when we didn't have internet except a broadband that had to be shared, if I remember correctly. A lot of my time was spent questioning the life that I was living, questioning a God my eyes could not see, questioning the teachings of a religion that was from 1400 years ago.

I wrote and wrote and wrote. In 2014 when I first started college and felt lonely, writing was my solace. I clung tightly to my Qur'an and my prayers, and wrote and wrote and wrote. Writing to me is a form of reminding myself of who I want to be and the life I want to lead, and looking back since my environment wasn't Islamic, I was trying harder than I am now to cling tightly to the rope of Allah. I felt lonely and my imaan wasn't admirable and I was constantly sad but I tried, alot more than I am now.

I haven't been writing much lately. I got a job in an Islamic enviromment (which I am consistently grateful for) and I guess I started taking my Islaam for granted. I picked up some bad habits I left, which contributed to the heart block. Sometimes when you have other people doing things for you, reminding you if your Islaam, you just stop doing it yourself. But re-reading Asma Nasaruddin's blogpost reminded me of how important self reflection is, and how vital it is to our growth. And since I haven't done it in quite sometime, I am now experiencing a heart block, a metaphorical heart block, which makes it hard for me to connect to God again (I am not saying my heart is God, but rather a pure heart makes it easier to reconnect to God). I need to take time off again. Enter the quiet as the Prophet sallahu alayhi wasallam did before prophethood, constantly going to cave hira. I need to enter the quiet again, so I can hear the important sounds in life. I need fo enter the quiet again, so my heart can be purified.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy Women's Day.

Today, let us remember that violence against women is very much real and very much present till this very day. Let us remember that war is waged on women on a daily basis, regardless of where she is from, be it first world country or third world. Let us remember that violence against women is present in our homes, our circle of friends, and unfortunately, ourselves. Let us remember that violence against women is present regardless of a person's religion and culture or lack thereof.

Today, let us celebrate women for their endurance. Today, lets remember to fight back against misogyny. Today, lets pray that relief will soon come, and women will no longer have to strive against misogyny, but only thrive in this life.

Happy Women's Day to all the women out there. I love you.

Keyf haal?

How are you? How is your heart?

Today I had a conversation on Islaam and it made my little heart tremble in a way I thought it was no longer possible. It made me think of Islaam as a direct relationship with Allah, and how I've been neglecting this relationship.

"We should be proud of our Islaam, wear Islaam with pride, stop making excuses and stop being ashamed, we should be proud that we submit to the Almighty."

How long have I been ashamed of you, O Allah? How long have I neglected you, ya Rabbi?

More importantly, how can I be ashamed of you? How can I neglect you, the One who has shown me mercy, ya Rahman. The One who has been patient and tender with me when I am harsh towards myself, ya Lateef. The One who gives me provision, despite my disobedience and neglect and shame.

Forgive me,
ya Ghafur.