Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Concept of Gharar in Islamic Transaction + Online Shopping Tips

The evolution of technology and internet has changed the way we shop. Previously, we would go from one store to another looking for the perfect outfit, or make-up, you name it. These days, we read and watch multiple of reviews online before purchasing an item and it is done simply by scrolling through our phones and laptops and checking them all into our cart. Then the parcel tracking begins, hahaha. 

As mentioned in my previous post, March 2018 Monthly Favourites,  I took a class on Islamic Law of Transaction and one of the topics we discussed was gharar

What is gharar?
  • Risk, uncertainty, hazard or deceit 
  • Any bargain in which the result of it is hidden (Al-Sarakhsi)
That's basically the surface of what gharar is and although gharar isn't specifically mentioned to be haram in both the Quran and sunnah, some ahadith by the Prophet (SAW) do point out that in a transaction a.k.a buying and selling, transparency is vital. Examples of transparency in a transaction is the price and the characteristic of the item and the ability of the seller to deliver the item.

As we were discussing the concept of gharar in Islam, my lecturer posed the question "is purchasing items on the internet considered to be gharar (uncertain)?"

There is always some uncertainty when we shop online and we have all heard stories, if not memes of "when you see it online vs when it arrives." Catfished by clothes! If we're unfortunate, we have had that happen to ourselves - wrong colour, wrong size or bad quality.

It is always important before purchasing online to: 

1. Know the seller. It is always better to know the seller you're dealing with.
  • Read reviews on them. 
  • It is always better to purchase items from a reputable, established company.
  • If you're purchasing from an individual, ensure their reliability. 

2. Return Policy - sometimes you receive an item that you don't like be it the wrong colour, size or quality. So read up on the return policy if the company. Important questions:
  • Are you able to return the item? 
  • Do you have to pay to return the item? 
  • Do you have to pay to get a new item delivered? 
  • If you were to return the item, what is the procedure?
  • Are returns for SELECTED ITEMS only or for ALL items?
  • If you were to return the item, will you get your money back or will it be turned to store credit?
3. Customer Service - ensure that they have a good customer service! Customer service is vital, and as cheesy as it sounds, communication is key. If its bad, forget your return policy, getting your money back or exchanging your item.

4. Measuring Tape - If you like buying clothes online, please please please check your measurements! Different brands and websites have different sizing, so measure yourself and purchase accordingly.


These are the tips that I wished someone had told me because I've had my fair share of bad experiences with online shopping. I wish you all the best with your future purchases! Happy Shopping ya'll! <3

Friday, 30 March 2018

Monthly Favourites // March 2018

March March March! Apologies for the delay, my "surge of inspiration" got swallowed by a whole load of life responsibilities. True enough, as mentioned in my January favourites, this semester has been the hardest one yet. I'm grateful that I've managed to survive it all, and to prove my battles, I collected some battle scars - my pimples! My face has never been so bad before, and just when I think its bad, it gets worse. This has contributed to a lot of stress, crying and also self-insecurity, sigh. I just hope it gets better somehow, in shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. Onto my favourites:

1. Aida Azlin

I initially found her through one of her videos that a friend of mine sent to me, and its nice to listen to someone who feels just like me - just a regular girl who has tender love for Islam and wants to change the world. She's all about having a community of women and striving to empower and support them to become better individuals and Muslims, yada yada, youknow, stuffthatilove.

a couple of her videos
She also has a newsletter which she sends out every Tuesday. They are known as her "Tuesday Love Letters" (how cute/ lovely is that!?). Her newsletters can be found HERE and I personally like them, and would recommend for you to subscibe to them too. :)

Here's a favourite newsletter: A Love Letter From A "Hypocrite"

I personally love that particular newsletter because it is something that I struggle with, and reading that hit me hard. Would totally recommend.

2. Hoda Katebi

Hoda Katebi a fashion blogger whom you might recognise because of the interview that she did that went viral and her smart reply to the interviewers who claimed that she didn't sound very American (despite being one):"That's because I've read."

Her interview which she brilliantly handled:
I read her blog after I watched her interview and I love how she combines fashion and politics and how politically aware she is. As mentioned before, its nice to hear the perspective of someone who feels just like me - my age, my gender, living in my time, etc. Did I meantion she's pretty minimalist too? I'm sold, haha. Her blog: JooJoo Azad 

Favourite posts from her blog:

3. PAQ by Kyra TV

If you know me in real life, you would know that I'm actually very.. minimal with fashion.. is the nice way to put it. The truth is when I go to college I don't like having to think of what to wear. Outside of college, I do put it some effort, probably 5-10% more effort in comparison to the 1% of effort I put into the clothes I wear to college. It is admittedly odd that I do care about fashion and love watching, reading and wanting them when I mostly just throw on a black abaya and black hijab. 

PAQ is by MTV, so needless to say the editing is so on point. It's basically a journey of 4 boys with fashion, each of them have very different fashion sense from one another and it's mostly street + high-end fashion. Each episode is a challenge and it's just interesting!

Did I mention that they're British? They're peng, fam. Mad Ting. Legit, bruv. I'll stop now. Go watch them. Their channel: Kyra TV

my favourite episodes:

4. Violette Fr

Since we are on the topic of fashion, I'll include Violette in this month's favourites, although her style has been my favourite for many months now. x

Mainstream beauty has taken a turn now to a very go-hard-or-go-home, full faced, bold, step-by-step makeup. Violette is very effortless yet chic and elegant and she does her makeup based on her colour moods. I just love her vibe so much. Her videos are usually in a cafe/bar/bookshop, very unconventional, very unlike a beauty guru, and she just strolls in with her small makeup bag and she doesn't have much rules, just what looks good, its so SO so chic and breathtaking ;_________; colourful and bold eyes, nude lips, idk i don't even wear eyeshadows but i just love her vibe so much, very minimal, very Parisian, effortless, chic.

Her channel can be found HERE.

her videos:

5. Movies/ TV Shows

Just some stuff that I've been watching:

6. Islamic Law of Transaction

So this semester I took a class on transaction, which I was reeeaaalllyy nervous about, but alhamdulillah the class turned out so much better than I expected.

Our syllabus discussed topics such ass contracts in Islam (its conditions, pillars and what nullifies it), uncertainty in a contract, gambling, loan and usury, and rental and mortgage in Islam. This class stood out above the others because I felt like it discussed topics that I don't usually encounter in real life or sadly even in the lectures that I used to attend as a teenager despite the fact that it is so so so important. All of us engage in contracts in a daily basis especially buying and selling yet we might be engaging in something that is unlawful in Islam.

We talk about hijab yet neglect riba (usury) when Allah gives us severe warning against riba? It's so important and although I have no books or lectures to recommend to you regarding Islamic Transactions, I do recommend for to read more about it. And it is beautiful to see how Allah protects us through Islam even in the areas of transaction, and Islam upholds justice, honesty and fair dealings in all areas in our lives. SubhanAllah.

7. A Poem

Yes, Of Course It Hurts by Karin Boye

Till whenever I write again, hehe. Take care,
Aisyah. x