Monday, 2 October 2017

Monthly Favourites // September 2017

I wanted to post by September only to realise that today is already the 1st of October, yikes!

Feminism //
"Calling women inferior, illogical, and emotional beings flies in the face of these basic protections which Shari‘ah affords to human beings. Being insulted, humiliated, and demeaned harms the minds of women, limits the religion of women, and refuses dignity to women."
Islam //

Stuff to read //
  • His Face All Red (comic)
  • Edward Gorey - found him a few days ago, have yet to properly read his works, but thought they were legit enough to share
  • Currently reading: How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (same author as A Long Way Down)
um, lastly, here's a piece of my heart for all of you to listen to: Keaton Henson.

Until next month. Love, Aisyah.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Excerpt from a 2015 journal entry.

I’m scared of losing my Islaam. I see indifference everywhere and it terrifies me. Shaytaan works day and night attacking us from left, right, up, down, front, back, every single directions. Why are we not fighting for our Islaam, protecting our Islaam? One day holding on to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam's sunnah will be like holding on to hot burning coal. I am scared. I am scared of losing my Islaam, I want to fiercely protect it, I need to constantly remind myself of where I came from and why I am here. I am scared of losing my Islaam. I see indifference everywhere and it terrifies me to the core of my soul. It terrifies me how we indulge in this dunya that Allah has described as play and amusement and think that this is all there is to life. It terrifies me how we call ourselves Muslims, pray terribly, give some charity here and there and think that that is all there is to be done. “We’re good Muslims now. We don’t harm others.” It terrifies me how we are all losing our Islaam, moving further and further away from Allah and the sunnah of the Messenger sallahu alayhi wasalaam and the salaf. I am terrified for myself, how I do not fight for my imaan, how I don’t exert myself in seeking knowledge and applying knowledge of Islaam in all areas of my life. Rasulullah sallahu alayhi wasalaam was a walking Qur'an. The salaf would take years to memorise the Qur'an because they want to implement their Islaam. 

Islaam wasn’t a side business. It was what they orbited around. 

It was their centre, their main attention, their devotion. They walked Islaam, carried Islaam in their hearts and actions, wore Islaam on their sleeves. Allah was what they truly worshipped, not just what their lips uttered but what their hearts believed in, and the actions of their limbs. The oneness of Allah was truly implemented. 

(I have been increasingly feeling this way, sigh.)