Tuesday, 23 September 2014

September 2014 // Video


i. I was watching this [tw: nudity] and there is a part in which the woman -bless her- mentioned “I told myself I didn't care. But I DID care! There were just no other options.” Women are constantly portrayed as something to be desired (this is also the case with woman engaging in third wave feminism) and this is what I believe the woman meant when she said ‘there are no other options’ as woman are constantly portrayed desirably and when she moves out of the tiny box in which people view as ‘desirability’ e.g. age as shown in this video, she isn't seen as being something to be desired anymore.

ii. Women usually view their desirability, and often (regardless of age/race) views this as a measure of worth. Want to live in a world in which women are viewed as human beings, not as an object of desirability. Want to dismantle the patriarchal world that teaches women to be desired. Want women to not measure worth on desirability. Want women to be comfortable in her skin, to be able to focus on other aspects of life.

iii. Men do not think of desirability the way women do, women engage in body monitoring (in which she observes herself numerous times) which men do not do. The idea of worth being based on desirability and desirability solely based to appearance and sexuality should be dismantled. Women need to be viewed as human beings. All women regardless of age and race and class should be treated and viewed as human beings, in all its entirety.

Thursday, 18 September 2014