Thursday, 14 July 2016

June & July 2016 // Favourites | Part 1

Eid Mubarak & taqaballahu minna wa minkum (may Allah accept from us and from you)! I hope all of y'all have had a fruitful ramadan, in shaa Allah. :) <3

Bismillah, the thing about putting yourself "out there" in social media is the fact that it feels less.. pure. If that makes sense. I feel like the actual intention is lost and I disappear again in search of purity. I want to read and grow but not because I feel like it is what is expected of me, nor do I want to do it for people. I want to just read because I want to read and grow as a result of that. I want to just.. be, but it feels so impossible sometimes. May Allah purify our intentions.

Collections of ahadith on Fasting, Tarawih, I'tikaf, Lailat Al-Qadr, Sadaqat Al-Fitr & the two Eid Prayers
This is a kid's book on the Stories of the Prophets. It is beautifully illustrated and it gives you a general idea of the history of each prophet, alayhimus salaam. I also HIGHLY recommend that you check other books by Goodword Books cause they're amazing.