Tuesday, 20 September 2016

August & September 2016 // Faves


Your girl is 15 years late to the party but I just finished reading;
I don't remember the last time I read this many books in a month! It's so bloody annoying that I'm late though because I know certain things already which ruins it for me and I see spoilers from time to time and it makes me feel like I should avoid the internet at all costs until I'm done with the series so I could enjoy it more. Haha


I feel like she's full of light and needs a sub-section of her own. I have mad respect for her decision to abandon make-up, and you can read about them here. I understand that she is in no way starting something new as many women and academics have spoken about beauty and make-up, but I feel like she's really bold to do what she's doing especially in her position/ industry.
And while I understand all that is said in the article below, I still feel that it really is a bold step and change has to start somewhere. So much respect to Alicia Keys! <3

"while the idea of saving all that time, money and mental energy we spend putting on a face is exciting, the lamentable fact is that most of us can’t afford to skip it. 
Turns out, women who spend time doing their makeup and hair actually earn more in the workplace, Fortune reported in May. Well-groomed females were raking in about $6,000 more annually than their less put-together coworkers.
A 2011 survey showed that two-thirds of women who turned up for a job sans makeup said it was more stressful than a job interview or a first date, according to UK wellness conference The Vitality Show. Of the 3,000 woman polled, 70% of them said they would never want bosses or colleagues to see them barefaced around the office — let alone on stage in front of MTV's entire viewership. 
Only on Friday, the "Girl on Fire" singer went on "Today" to proclaim that baring all was like "not covering up your true self." Host and fellow pretty person Tamron Hall promptly whipped out facial towelettes and wiped her face clean. 
While that made for good TV and it’s nice that Keys thinks she’s starting a revolution (complete with hashtag, of course, #NoMakeup), our society is based on looks — and that’s not changing any time soon. At best, hers is a revolution for pretty people to ... still be pretty. Truth is, the famous millionaire looks gorgeous either way and in this shallow society, not everyone can wake up, go outside and expect not to be judged." (NY Daily News)
She also spoke out about discrimination againts black people and refugees. Give it a watch if you have the time.