Monday, 24 October 2016

Questions for those who wish to learn & are seeking the Truth.

  • If we claim to be seekers of the Truth and if we call ourselves learners, why are we afraid of the unknown? 
  • If knowledge is presented to us and it is not according to our beliefs, why do we reject it without a second glance and without proper understanding of why we reject it? 
  • Are we seekers of the Truth or are we blind followers to what the mass population around us deem to be the Truth?
  • Are we worthy of calling ourselves learners if we do not strive to learn and understand our beliefs and the beliefs of other people?
  • Are we really learners if all we do is claim to know that what we have is the Truth? Why do we bother learning if we claim that we have the Truth?
Oh seekers of the Truth, why do we fear the unknown? Open your hearts and minds and Learn. Seek the Truth. Do not inherit your information but rather come to the Truth yourself.